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Favre, always the prankster...  Lambeau Field, 2005


Cajun Bread gained legendary status during my days in Green Bay backing up 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee, Brett Favre.   Our first road game in my rookie season of 2002 was, ironically, to New Orleans to play the Saints.  I asked Brett when we were leaving Lambeau after Saturday morning meetings if he wanted me to bring some food on the plane (which is a rookie’s rite of passage).  He replied “Um… If you go by McDonald’s, get me a double quarter pounder or something.”  So guess where I went.... to McDonald's!  

The next week we played at Detroit.  I said You know what? I can do better than a double quarter pounder with cheese.  I mean, c’mon, this is Brett Favre we are talking about!  So I decided to make two loaves of the Nall family classic Cajun Bread.  Brett soon spread the word up to first class where the coaching staff and front office sit, told them they HAD to try it.  Man, they DEVOURED it!  So naturally, the next away trip I had to make 4 loaves, two for the coaches and two for us.  Before long, just about the whole team would come find me as soon as they boarded the plane and ask “Got any of that sausage bread?”  (These same people would also tease me saying the only reason I was still on the team was because Head Coach Mike Sherman loved the bread so much.)  

Over the next few seasons I would sell the loaves for $20 each to those who wanted more than just the slice or two I handed out.  When the players boarded the plane most of them had their envelope handy with the itinerary and per diem, usually $150 - $200 cash.  The largest order I ever had to make for one trip was 14 loaves, which required a lot of help from my wife Amanda.  Even with her help, I was minutes from missing the plane!  After that scare I said THAT’S IT!  I’m not gonna miss the plane for some stupid bread.  No more.

Since then I’ve had numerous people ask if I could send them some.  With my mother’s blessing, I tweaked the recipe a bit and changed it from a stuffed loaf of bread to a dozen stuffed dinner rolls.  It made for better baking consistency and easier to scale.  It has taken me the better part of three years in my own kitchen, but Cajun Bread is now a local fan favorite here for parties, family gatherings, football games, holidays and other special occasions.   And as they say, the rest is history!